Whitebox was formed by Mark Cropley and Jodie Rogers in 2014, primarily as an ecommerce business. In 2015, Whitebox hired their first apprentice, Sheralee Pace, who is now the top designer for interior van racking. In 2016, the sister site, WhiteboxVan became the key hub for bespoke van racking in the South.



Mark Cropley - Installation King
Mark racks his brains over installations, so you don’t have to.
He’s a Jedi when it comes to this stuff, so if you have any questions, he is the man to ask.
As a certified Sortimo installer, all his racking installations are done to his high standards with perfection, pride and a touch of the force.
A mechanic by trade, he understands vehicles inside out. But don't worry, he’s no grease monkey. He’ll leave your racking sparkling when he's finished.

Mark Likes: Being outside, VW's, Socialising, Craft beer, Filming

Mark Dislikes: Washing up, Slow drivers, Pot holes, Rain, The loft

Jodie Rogers - Website Guru 
Jodie is at the heart of Whitebox and makes sure the whole operation runs smoothly. From products to accounts, Web content to social media she does it all!
Jodie is the Wonder Woman behind Whitebox.

Jodie Likes: Formula 1, Colour orange, Playing Sims, Smarties in colour groups, Messy desk

Jodie Dislikes: Mushrooms, Rude drivers, The dark, Not being in control, Not being at work

Sheralee Pace - Top Designer
Sheralee is trained to the highest standard with Sortimo's own design software, and her attention to detail means she never misses a trick. She will make sure that your storage ideas become reality
This superwoman also takes care of all our marketing and website design.

Sheralee Likes: Sports/being active, Random Adventures, Melted Cheese, Dogs, Drunk Conversations

Sheralee Dislikes: Negativity, Fiat 500's, Runny Egg Whites, Garden machinery at 6am, Untidiness