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We love van racking here at Whitebox and get really excited about the Sortimo range. If you are looking for amazing quality and outstanding usability then look no further.

Sortimo offers shelf systems for all lightweight commercial vehicles as well as “BOXXes” and cases for tradesmen and the service industry. We can provide specialist van racking systems and mobile transport solutions for trades such as Builders, Carpenters, Electricians, Gardeners, Painters and Decorators, Plasterers and Plumbers.

So why choose Sortimo van racking, and is it worth the extra cost?
Well of course we are going to say yes, but here is why! Sortimo racking is made from lightweight materials such as aluminium; so what does that mean for you?

All vehicles have a maximum payload, so lightweight van racking means you can carry more equipment, stock, tools etc. Having a well organised van will also help reduce time searching for tools and equipment as well as being able to see exactly what stock you are carrying, have you ever brought a part only to find one buried in the van months later?

One of the greatest time savers is the ability to remove cases from the van and carry them to site. For example, you can stock cases with tools or consumables such as electrical connections of pipe fittings, park your van in the car park and carry, or use a Sortimo trolley, the equipment you need into the building. This can greatly reduce the need to keep retuning to your van for tools or parts.

Finally, for your safety all Sortimo products are crash tested while fully loaded. This ensures that all of your items stay where they are meant to if you are involved in an accident.

Did you know? In an accident at 40mph, a screwdriver will have a mass of up to 20 times its own weight, meaning it could easily travel through a metal bulkhead.

The Sortimo Products you are loving:
L-BOXX 102, Lashing Straps, T-BOXX, A5 Transparent Envelope, Aluminium Racking