WorkMo 24-500 | 2 Drawers & L-BOXX 136 | Whitebox UK

WorkMo 24-500 2XSBL H6 + MS LB136 - 1000003826

Product Code: 1000003826

Product Information

This module is part of the WorkMo system, which can be compiled as an individual transport, organisation and working system. The module in width 2 includes two drawers in height 6 and a multi slide with full extension, on which the L-BOXX 136 has been integrated. WorkMo is made of an aluminium and plastic mix with low self-weight as well as rounded plastic edges as shock and scratch protection. As a consequence the modules are extremely robust to handle. All modules can be interconnected and be expanded by an extensive range of accessories. For instance, extend this module by another module including BOXXes as well as by a trolley.

DELIVERY: 5-7 Working Days

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    396 x 526 x 506 mm
  • Product Weight
    17.312 kg
  • Product Weight
    17.312 kg
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