10 Ways To Wow Your Customers

10 Ways To Wow Your Customers

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll know that our mission this summer is to help more tradespeople impress their customers. One of the things we love about our customers (you) is how much you want to debunk the perception the industry has for rogue tradesmen. One of the ways you can achieve this is by wowing your customers.

We like to think we know a thing or two about wowing our own customers. Recently we did a simple customer survey to get your feedback on what we’re doing right – and wrong. We were delighted that the feedback was overwhelming positive, and thought we’d share some of our favourite tips for happy customers.

Here are 10 ways you can wow your customers.

1. Gather Feedback – Checkatrade and other customer review websites definitely have their place, but they don’t give you a full picture when it comes to knowing what your customers think about your work. A simple survey where you ask your customers questions like “were you happy with the price,” “were you satisfied with the standard of work,” “were we on time,” “did we leave the area neat and tidy” will delve deeper. You should also ask your customers to rate performance on a scale of 1 to 10. Pay attention to any scores which are less than 8.

2. Under Promise – Only make promises that you are sure you can keep. Allow enough time to complete works so that they’re finished on time.

3. Over Deliver – With new customers, you’ll find that if you over deliver, you’ll build trust and establish a solid relationship. They’ll be more likely to invite you back when other jobs need doing, and to recommend you to friends, family and neighbours.

4. Look The Part – When you’re visiting customers to survey the work that needs doing, remember you’re in a sales meeting. Have a set of smart-casual clothes with you so that you don’t turn up looking like you’ve come straight off a building site.

5. Present Your Business In A Professional Light – If you turn up in a beaten up van with your tools flung in the van and the front cabin a mess, don’t be surprised if customers are distrustful. You’ve sent the clear message that they can expect similar from your workmanship (even if this isn’t the case). Have your van professionally sign written, keep it clean and tidy, and keep your tools and equipment organised with van racking.

6. Use A Call Answering Service – Being part way through repairing a boiler, under a sink, wiring a socket or up a ladder is not the best time to deal with incoming inquiries. Not only is it potentially dangerous, but you can’t give your full attention to the caller. Customers who’ve used a call answering service, like we do, have found this has transformed their working day.

7. Respond Promptly – Rightly or wrongly, one of the perceptions people have about the trades industry is they ignore calls and emails. During the gaps in your day, take a few minutes to rely to callers and respond to emails.

8. Keep Your Customer Informed – Reply promptly and patiently to customer enquiries about progress on their job, giving details of what will happen next (when they will be contacted, how, by who etc). This will manage any anxiety or concerns they have, without matters escalating.

9. Staff Training – Train your staff so they know exactly what you expect of them in terms of standards of service. Don’t assume they’ll use their common sense. Some will. Many won’t.

10. Go One Step Further –Think of ways to “delight” clients and encourage your team to do likewise. If you’ve done a messy job, leave the space pristine clean. If you’ve installed a kitchen or bathroom, send the customer a small, thoughtful gift to say “thank you” for the opportunity. Delighted customers become “brand advocates,” and are the most likely to recommend you to friends, family and neighbours.

Do you have any tips you can recommend to other tradespeople about how you wow your customers? Let’s all work together to create a positive perception of the trades and construction industry.

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