Fed Up With A Messy Van?

Fed Up With A Messy Van?

One of the main reasons our customers come to us is they’re fed up with having a messy van. Not only are they not portraying a professional image to their customers, but they’re wasting a lot of time rummaging around their van looking for tools they’ve flung in the back after a long day.

Sound familiar?

The simple fact is that lost time in business - whether you’re a self-employed tradesperson or running a small fleet - equals lost money. Aside from being plain dangerous, having unsecured tools and equipment rolling about the back of the van means you’re wasting precious time looking for them. Not to mention all that time lost untangling tools and searching for fixings.

Researchers have estimated that tradespeople spend at least 30 minutes a day searching for their tools and equipment. That’s a minimum of 130 hours of lost productivity, or more than 16 days a year. Let’s your day rate averages £200, you’ve said goodbye to £3,250 in profits this year.

A messy van is also off-putting to customers. First impressions count and arriving in a well-equipped and well-organised van means you’re bound to impress your customers. Your client will feel confident that you’re not a cowboy. And your van will double as advertising to attract new business. A win, win.

Over the summer, we’re on a mission to help more tradespeople impress their customers. That’s why through June to the end of July, we’re offering 10% off of our three van racking systems, Sortimo SR5, System Edström and Hubb Systems. (Orders to be placed by 31st July, 2019).

Your code is Summer10 to make use of this offer.*

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*This discount is applied toward your product total with no minimum purchase required when the code SUMMER10 is used and applies solely to enquiries made and paid for between 12th June and 11:59pm, 31st July, 2019. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with other discounts, other promotional codes, taxes or shipping. It does not apply to delivery costs or to orders made online through our webshop.