The all NEW OPTi Rack exclusive to Whitebox has been designed with you in mind. Quality racking that grows with your business.

Why you should buy the OPTi Rack:

OPTi Rack Units

1004mm Wide Units -
Suitable for all medium vans and some small vans





1972mm Wide Units - Suitable for all medium and some large vans





These are the upgrade extras available for the OPTi Rack. All of the below extras can be easily added to allow you fully optimise your OPTi Rack. The shelf is the core of the rack. It has the ability to have the shelf lip added to create a standard shelf or you can add some S-BOXXes or L-BOXXes.

Check out the Whitebox YouTube video on when we installed the the nearside and offside OPTi Rack for a very lucky customer. 

Mark chats through all the different parts of the rack and explains why its the perfect affordable racking that grows with your business.

This install video is to show you how easy it is to install our racking systems and floor into a van.

This video was created to help guide you through the install. We are also available on the phone to help you with any questions you have when installing your racking => 01273 921181


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